Welcome to our Virtual Campus

Assalamualaikum. Welcome to Aslaf Arabic Academy. This is your Virtual Madrasa. We offer valuable Islamic courses supervised by professional scholars at the comfort of your home. Our energetic team will provide you with real-time support and help you in removing all the possible confusions from your learning. Grow in your learning and increase your ilm and a’mal.

Our Story

We started our journey on 2018 with the dream of spreading Islamic knowledge to the Muslims of all ages. At first, we used to offer our bestselling ‘Tajweed’ course for female students only, where our Ustadha takes the course under stricts shar’yee modesty. We are very careful about the privacy and modesty of our sister students. So, the operation of the sister’s section is run completely by our sister ustadhas. Alhamdulillah, our course quickly became very popular and a lot of sisters have successfully mastered how to recite the Holy Quran in the correct way.

After a successful few years, we decided to expand our operations and inaugurated the male section where the brothers get to complete our courses taught by well-known scholars and experts. Now, we are offering a handsome amount of Islamic courses including the Diploma in Arabic Course, The Tajweed Course for male etc. What’s more, you get to complete the course while sitting at the comfort of your home. Inshallah, more courses are coming soon. Join our vibrant community and boost your Islamic knowledge.


Why Aslaf Academy?

People may ask, what’s the benefit of doing a course from the academy? Well, we offer a sea of benefits from our talibul ilm.

  • Discussion Forum

We provide a discussion forum where our registered students can discuss with each other about the course. Also, our instructors will help you out on the forum by providing expert opinion on how to progress the course. We have a separate discussion forum for male and female students; so there is no chance of free-mixing.

  • Real-time Support

Our energetic support team will be there on real-time to solve your course-related queries and confusions. They will be available on social media messenger and you can chat with them for your course queries.

  • Expert Instructor Panel

Courses are carried out by such an instructor panel who are dependable as well as an expert in their respective fields.

  • No Free-Mixing

Aslaf Academy provides an environment that is free of male-female mixing. Separate oral evaluation of male and female.

  • Education with Care

Students are provided with the best possible service. e.g. Live support, Regular evaluations, Competitive quiz questions, Quality course material etc

  • Live Webinar Class by the Instructor

From time to time, our instructor will take a few live webinar class to solve all your course-related queries. The interactive conference will take place on Zoom.

  • Solution/ Practice Class in Messanger by the Instructor

For some of our courses, such as our tajweed course, weekly revise, solution and practice is a must. So, our instructor will hold several solution class for these courses. The practice class may take place on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for these courses.


We are confident that our professional dedication, user-friendly platform and commitment to delivering reliable Islamic knowledge makes us a stand-alone organisation in the field. Our instructors/Ustaads are experts in their field and our well-crafted courses are designed to make learning online as flexible and efficient as possible.